CRG is a Family Company founded in 1998 by its owner Mr. Romano Perottoni and has begun its way in the branch of light carpentry, in particular related to building industry.

From the beginning it joins the market, distinguishing itself for the quality of the work and the peculiarities of its products.

Thanks to this experience and to the acquired “know-how”, the company expands its metal processing in particular in the sheet metal field, by purchasing a bending and shearing machine and CNC plasma cutting machines.


From 2013 it started the construction of the first agricultural machinery.

To this day the company has started to become known in the agricultural world with its products sold both in Italy and abroad and emerges for the quality and the pre and post sales service offered to its customers.

Strengthened by the obtained satisfactions, we continue to invest in equipment and research to operate always professionally at our best. 100% of the production is made in Italy and we have fruit and vine farms, either owned and unowned, in which all the tests of our produced machinery are performed.



In the agricultural world we offer sale services, maintenance and assistance, both on our and other brands’ products.

In the carpentry field we realize site inspections, free price quotations, customizations and design realizations.

Sheet metal processing and various other activities on behalf of third parties.



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