The "ANT" manure spreader has been designed with the reality of small farms in mind, where the difficulty in investing and using wheeled manure spreaders creates problems, in particular due to the morphology of the land where the maneuvering space is reduced . This compact and economical model in particular, is designed for those companies that already have a loader, avoiding the expense for the self-loading model.

Our machines can be equipped with a second external rotor for spreading products such as compost and similar.

All our models are: hot-dip galvanized to offer minor wear, certified and have a side hatch with an adjustable door, internal rotor with cardan transmission, lifting hooks and an adjustable attachment 3rd point.



Second double spreading hatch

Hydraulic drain hatch adjustment




H= 1200 mm

P= 1000 mm

L= 1000 mm


250 Kg



0.8 450 circa






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