CRG rollers are born from the specific requests of the customer for targeted processing in the fields.The smooth model has been created for those ground leveling operations, while the Fast model mulching roller is a good choice of implementation when mowing grass. It can be coupled without problems to any type of inter-row or field processing machine.At first, the operation involves crushing the grass and at the same time incising the stems so as to release the properties of the seeded (or natural) mantle on the ground and, at the same time, spread it on the ground forming a covering, in fact, to mulch. The cycle can be repeated throughout the year, stimulating the fixation of the nitrogen present.

Our rollers are available in various sizes from 140cm to 200cm

PRO of our system:

1. Possibility to combine with our inter-row systems.

2. Minimum consumption of the tractor without requiring engines or other

3. Model fixed or movable according to requirements

4. Tempered teeth for less wear and tear in the mulching model

5. Is possible to fill the roller with sand or water to increase its weight




Diameter= 406 mm

Useful lenght= 140 cm


Empty weight:200 Kg

Outside Space: 150cm 

Number of teeth: 96



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