Inter-row narrow spaces mechanical weeding machine Laika-XS

Agricultural tool holder Laika-XS, the solution for confined spaces

The small of the house, multifunctional rear model, designed to work with our mowing heads (no heads for tillage) in those situations that standard machines cannot achieve in terms of spaces and inclinations. In fact, the peculiarity of this model lies in its dimensions: 120 cm the minimum working measure with the CLE long string head (the head that occupies the most space), 160 cm the maximum measure. The movement takes place with a pantograph system that allows an outreach of 30cm. It is therefore suitable for solving the problem of weeds in those inaccessible, hilly and non-hilly areas.

It also responds positively to the working of the ramps thanks to the hydraulic inclination of the CLE head and to a simple but effective hydraulic locking system of the same, recreating a processing similar to the mulchers, for ramps up to 150 cm in height.

There are 2 versions, bunk with direct operation to the tractor or INDEPENDENT.

The first, the LAIKA-XS model, has a 1st-2nd category 3-point connection and requires in the case of use with the CLE head: 3 double-acting uses, 1 free drain, 1 continuous delivery use of 20 litres/min.

It can be equipped with the following OPTIONALS:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Hydraulic distributor
  • Support wheels
  • Electro-hydraulic joystick
  • Stand put to rest

In the independent version, on the other hand – the LAIKA-XS DE model – there is a 1st category 3-point hitch, electro-hydraulic joystick, 40-litre tank, direct pump to the tractor.

Both work in towed mode (not reversible).

The 4-hole multi-tool plate allows the plug & play installation of the following HEADS:

  • CLE string rotor for weed mowing
  • Pruning rake with the possibility of accessorising it with a central support wheel
  • Rake with canvas tires
  • Shoot remover with strings and/or flagella

To see the characteristics of each individual head go to the dedicated section and page within this website.

You can find all the operating videos in the videos section.

WEIGHTS without heads:

  • LAIKA-XS: 150 kg
  • LAIKA-XS DE: 230 kg


  • SHOOT REMOVER: 40 kg
  • PRUNING RAKE: 42 kg

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