Self-loading portable manure spreader Rapid

Manure spreader mounted on wheels

The self-loading portable manure spreader was made thinking of small agricultural realities where the difficulty of investment and use of wheeled manure spreaders creates problems.

A peculiarity of this machine is the possibility of being used with a single vehicle and a single operator, giving in terms of savings a lower consumption and use of tractors and equipment. The low use of oil avoids overheating of the vehicle and being a cardan drive, a tractor with low horsepower is sufficient (min 40 – max 100). In addition, it offers greater safety (having no other people employed in the work area and always being in the driver’s seat), it produces less environmental pollution by consuming less fuel and wearing out less the vehicles in use.

Our machines can be equipped with a second external rotor for spreading products such as compost and the like. To date, all models have been tested for spreading:

  • Manure, in its various consistencies
  • Compost
  • Poultry manure
  • Dung

It is NOT currently suitable for spreading digestate

The manure spreaders we produce are hot-dip galvanised to offer less wear, are certified and consist of a side hatch with manual adjustable door. Internal rotor with cardan drive, lifting hooks and adjustable three-point attachments of 1st and 2nd category.


  • Rear wheels, suitable for steep terrain or to support the weight of the machine at full load in the case of small tractors.
  • Hydraulic unloading hatch adjustment
  • External rotor for compost and the like
H = 1200MM

H = 1300MM

H = 1000MM
365 KG
0,8 CUBIC METRES250 kg



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